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Issue 20






Issues 1-19

Issue Nineteen

Revolutionary Mothering; politicizing grief; black.seed collective; Johanna Hedva's Sick Woman Theory; poetry by Chanelle Gallant, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Fabiola Sandoval, and Terisa Siagatonu; Yasmin Hernandez; Irina Contreras on speaking silence; the I Am More Project; Women Fuck Shit Up Fest; remembering Jeanne Cordova; feminism and electoral politics; and more.

Issue Eighteen

M. Dove Kent and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice; Bamby Salcedo and the TransLatin@ Coalition; Jessica Lawless on intersectionalism and the adjunct organizing campaign; Balade Black; adrienne maree brown on transformative justice; poetry by Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Cyree Johnson, and Javon Johnson; Af3irm's transnational feminist summer camps; and more.


Issue Seventeen

The Radical Monarchs; Rafa Esparza; Silvia Federici and the Wages for Housework Campaign; alQaws's Haneen Maikey; poetry by Alexis Pauline Gumbs; SlutWalk Ecuador; report-backs from COV4; the Feminist Library on Wheels; art by Meghan Quinn and Virginia Wagner; and more.


Issue 13
Issue Sixteen

Ceci Bastida on music and motherhood in an age of violence; talking crip culture with Caitlin Wood; climate justice and gender; Juniper Fleming's Reclamation and (Dis)atonement; women of color tattoo artists; Elisha Lim's party politics; Agnieszka Forfa's Where We Are; Jennifer Patterson and Lisa Factora-Borchers on radical responsibility in media making; poetry by Heather Bowlan, Tara-Michelle Ziniuk, and Alexis Pauline Gumbs;  and more.

Issue 13
Issue Fifteen

Reinas de Los Angeles; we <3 Beyonce; interviews with Alice Bag, Aura Bogado, and Marie Gladue; Dear Sister: Letters to Survivors of Sexual Violence; Florence Johnston Collective; feminist poetics; a heart-to-heart on "lesbian suicides" in India; a call for a critical, transnational feminist antiviolence praxis; and more.

Issue 13
Issue Fourteen

Feminist perspectives on the uprisings in Turkey; race, gender, and crowdfunding for health care; Southern Movement Assembly; Lex Non Scripta; Millie Wilson; Masha Tupitsyn's Love Dog; Summer for the Sistas; Linda Bellos; queering the hackerspace; poetry by T. E. Bishop and Alessandra Rivell; essays by tessa micaela landreau-grasmuck, Oliver Pickle, Meg Stone, and Mo-Yain Tham; memoir by Rosa Cabrera; and much more.


Issue 13
Issue Thirteen

Leila Khaled; Cake and Eat It; Shizu Saldamando; Autonets; Peacock Rebellion; poetry by Chris Shorne; Victoria Law; Girl Talk; demanding radical-queer posters by Tyrone Boucher; fiction by Mia McKenzie; comic by Clio Reese Sady; organizing dispatches from Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha; The Lesbian Avengers Documentary Project; Children of Srikandi; and much more.

Issue Twelve

Don't Leave Your Friends Behind: Supporting Parents in Social-Justice Movements; Luz's Decolonial Cooking Club; etters from CeCe McDonald; feminism in the man's museum; Collective Sun; fiction by Elaine Castillo and Noah Geraci; why love is the loser in the "mommy wars"; Mosquita y Mari; poetry by Alexis Pauline Gumbs; how not to succeed in transformative justice; The Izzat Project; Tiona McClodden; and much more.

Issue Eleven

Occupy Decolonize: women and queer people of color respond to the Occupy movement; Sonali Kolhatkar and the Afghan Women's Mission; queering sexual violence; feminism and faggotry; Mobile Homecoming meets Aurora Levins Morales; pinkwashing and the Zionist body; connecting LGBTQ and labor organizing; the Brown Boi Project's health guide; Secret Survivors; creative writing by Tyrone Boucher, Liz Latty, and Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela; guest column by Jack Halberstam; and much more.

Issue Ten

Nada Elia speaks truth to allies; the Azolla Story: Part II; collective-organizing heartbreak; Trifa Shakely; community-based health care; Kollektiv Migrantas; Rose Sackey-Milligan; Nikki Luna; a Kicked Out roundtable; the Miss G Project; Kalyn Heffernan; Allyson Mitchell; guest columns by Katie Loncke and Mia Mingus; and much more.

Issue Nine

Anger cannot heal us (so we've got "love" on our lips); the Azolla Story; resisting "growth" in India, El Salvador, everywhere; women of color organizing in Detroit; queer bisexuality; learning to say "fuck you" with Ida McCray; photography by Kirstyn Russell; Dean Spade on Wu Tsang's Wildness; Manshi Asher; Cucci; Viviane Saleh-Hanna; Salsa Soul Sisters; D'Lo; and much more.

Issue Eight

Radical change through radical care; m/othering ourselves and each other; healing that's hot; Pachamama Skillshare; Shailja Patel; Dirty River: excerpts from Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha's memoir; Pa'ti Garcia; Alyson Aliano's Moms Project; radical childcare collectives; rethinking postpartum-depression screening; Cheri Honkala; T Fleischmann's monologues on happiness; the New Mythos Tour; Carolyn Rodgers; At-Tuwani Women's Museum; poetry by Kimberly Alidio, Amy Dryansky, and Carol Mirakove; and much more.

Issue Seven

Sites and Situations: why misogynists make great informants, feminists and queers resisting the coup in Honduras, burlesque gets brainy, Appalachian women saving mountaintops, teaching gender, community reparations, gender-variant saints, imMEDIAte justice, shawty got skillz to share, Rauda Morcos, Rana Husseini, Youth Justice Coalition, Sistah Vegan, Timmy Straw, Deanne Cuellar, poetry by Jade Foster and Camille Alexa, and more.

Issue Six

Make/Movement: health and healing in community, resexing and dancing trans, kitchen stories and photos, queering the word "wife," Sins Invalid, Diana Block, Sean Dorsey, immigration reform beyond (nuclear) family reunification, generationFIVE, Speak! Radical Women of Color Media Collective, poetry by Ching-In Chen, and more.

Issue Five

Friends, families, and strangers threading liberation together: pride in the industrial Midwest, letters to Black feminist ancestors, creative nonfiction, family and activism, movies with Grandma, queer fat femme bitches, violence at home and abroad, girl zine makers across borders, the art of Celeste Rapone, and more.

makeshift isse one

Issue Four

Rivers, circles, sea changes: letters from radical women of color, stepdaughters of the Nicaraguan revolution, just and sustainable economics, fiction by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Novice Theory, WOC Lockdown, gender justice and transliminal criminals, New Orleans Women's Health Clinic, gray rape, fat-positive bloggers, state violence against women in Thailand, the discreet charm of the Wall Street Journal, and more.

makeshift isse one

Issue Three

Prisons, borders, misdiagnoses, Mujeres del NO, Homotopia, fiction by Masha Tupitsyn, creative alliances through shared criminality, Malaleche, Mia Mingus, Alexis Giraldo, poems by Sandra Alland and Mel Kozakiewicz, and more.


makeshift isse one

Issue Two

INCITE!, fiction by Myriam Gurba, blowing the muse and bowing before the performance artist, dangerous silences, immigration raids, feminist art, trans representation, and more.


makeshift isse one

Issue One

Loretta Ross, fiction by T Cooper, letters from Beirut, Felicia Luna Lemus, revolutionary housekeepers, the shape of water, Radio Cacerola, poetry by Lisa Suhair Majaj, bad dads, prime-time ugly, antiwar tropes, and more.